Almost three dozen students in San Diego were suspended after making a twerking video on school property.

The students at Scripps Ranch High School made the video for a journalism class and then posted it on YouTube. In addition to being suspended, they may not be able to attend their prom or even walk during the commencement ceremonies.

“Twerking" is a term that has been used to define women dancing by gyrating their lower body. The dance was deemed too suggestive by the high school and violated their school policy regarding inappropriate behavior. The student who shot the video was also suspended and reprimanded.

Another student, 17-year-old Lyston McNear, says he was suspended too just for creating the idea for the video, which he says took him months to create. The video has since been removed from YouTube.

This is not first time young people have been reprimanded for twerking.

Last month, a viral video of Gregory Horn beating his two daughters caused viewers to question the boundaries of punishment and good versus bad parenting.

In the short clip, a father beat his daughters with a cable wire after finding out that they posted a “twerk” video on Facebook.

The daughters, whose faces are blurred out, can be heard screaming and are seen trying to run away from their father, to no avail. He was later arrested for the brutal beatings and charged with child endangerment