Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Summit)

Twilight fans rejoice! The Breaking Dawn - Part 2 panel just took place in Hall H, which means that we have some bloody juicy spoilers for you!

Besides discussing the final film (which also means their final Comic-Con panel as a cast), the Twilight actors also gave Comic-Con attendees a special sneak peek of the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

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The First Seven Minutes

Talk about seven minutes in heaven! Breaking Dawn - Part 2 kicks off right where Part 1 ended, with Bella opening up her new (red) vampire eyes. Fans finally get to see Edward and Bella's new relationship as not only man and wife, but vampire and vampire. It's your turn not to break me, Edward says after Bella gives him a hug that is a little too strong (those pesky new vampire powers).

After Bella asks to see her baby, Edward tells her that first she must hunt. The two love birds take off into the woods with their vampire speed so that Bella can begin her new vegetarian diet. Edward begins training Bella to hunt for deer, but Bella smells something a lot more delicious - a man who cut his knee while mountain climbing. Her vampire lover talks her down from hunting the man instead of the deer, and that is when things surprisingly get nuts.

As Bella goes for a deer, so does a mountain Lion! Forgetting about the measly deer, Bella wrestles the mountain lion to the ground and bites its neck. No more delicate Bella Swan!

Returning back to the house after their successful hunt, Bella and Edward run into an old friend, Jacob. He of course can't keep his mouth shut about her transformation, saying something along the lines of he can't believe how human she looks.

How do you think the first seven minutes of the movie sound?

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