It’s been a pretty busy week for Twitter. The social media site not only announced its brand-new music service on Thursday, but it has also been a primary news source during the chaotic events in Watertown, Mass., following the Boston bombings this week.

On Thursday, BBC America announced a new partnership with Twitter to bring the first “in-Tweet branded video synced to entertainment TV series.” Fittingly, the announcement was made using the microblogging platform.

It’s unclear what exactly this means, and none of the specifics of the deal have been revealed. Last summer, Twitter partnered with NBCUniversal to connect fans with pro athletes, but it didn’t broadcast video. Cnet speculates that Twitter could start tweeting companion videos to BBC shows like “Doctor Who” and “Top Gear,” to cross-promote traffic.

Twitter is also interested in partnering with Viacom and NBCUniversal, sources told Bloomberg. Most likely, the deals will give networks a new stream for advertising revenue.

This is the latest move by the social network to expand into new media beyond microblogging. In January, Twitter made a big step into video with its successful Vine app. Thursday, Twitter made a very public entrance into the music industry when it announced the new Twitter #music app to a national audience on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Twitter has been putting together the pieces for a move into television for a while now. In February it acquired Bluefin Labs, a startup that analyzes social conversations about TV. A study shows that one-third of Twitter users post about TV, so the move seems like a natural evolution.

Could a Twitter TV be on the horizon?

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