• Twitter is home to many tweets that can be deemed offensive and annoying
  • Twitter users can mute these tweets and the people tweeting them
  • The Mute option can be accessed with a simple long-press using the official Twitter app

Twitter's Mute option is a very handy tool for those who want to stop certain tweets from appearing on their timelines. The option is available across various Twitter apps, but those who want a faster way to use it will be able to via the official Twitter app.

There are several Twitter apps to date, but only the official Twitter app allows users to access the Mute option using only a long press.

The Mute Option

As they say, “silence is golden.” There are some, however, who just can't stop saying offensive things via Twitter. Thankfully, Twitter has virtual duct-tape that can be used to “silence” these tweets. This comes in the form of the Mute option, Cult of Mac reported.

Twitter's Mute option allows users to mute tweets that include a certain keyword or hashtag, as well as tweets coming from certain users. The mute period can vary from hours-long to "forever," and will help users steer clear of tweets that would simply annoy or offend them.

Using the Mute option is very easy. Here's how:

  • First, users need to launch the Twitter app on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Second, once an offending tweet appears, users should tap on it to open its tweet view. This will allow users to choose certain elements of the offending tweet.
  • Third, in the tweet view, users should press and hold on the offending word to bring up the pop-up text menu, which will now include “Mute” towards the right end of the box. Users can also press and hold on #hashtags.
  • Fourth, tapping on Mute brings up some options that will allow users to prevent the muted word or hashtag from appearing on their Home timeline or notifications. It will also allow users to mute tweets containing the words or hashtags that are tweeted by “anyone” or Twitter users they “don't follow.” Users should choose as they please.
  • Fifth, after choosing options, users should then indicate the mute duration: 24 hours, 7 days, or Forever.

Long-pressing on a @handle then tapping on Mute brings up a different pop-up box. This dialog box will ask users if they really want to mute the person and will tell them that they won't see the Twitter user's tweets in their timeline, but they will still continue to receive notifications from that person. Those who are muted "forever" will stay so until manually unmuted.

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