• Nick Ferrari questioned Afua Hirsch for staying in Britain even if she is taking offense about many things in the country
  • Hirsch explained she doesn't hate the country but is concerned about it
  • Twitter users want Ferrari to apologize to Hirsch

Twitter users are urging Nick Ferrari to apologize to Afua Hirsch over a racist incident while they were discussing about the statues in Britain.

Ferrari has come under fire following a discussion during Hirsch’s show “The Pledge” on Tuesday (June 9). Hirsch spoke about the removal of various statues of British figures around the U.K. who were involved in the slave trade.

She went on and asked why the people still glorify “hugely problematic” figures like Winston Churchill, Cecil Rhodes and Horatio Nelson who have statues around the country as tribute to Britain’s imperial history.

"I'm not saying we should necessarily bring them down,” she said while warning the guests to take a deep breath.

“But all options should be on the table,” she added.

“Afua, Afua, I really like you but may I remind you of something you wrote concerning Britain,” Ferrari said and read a passage of racism comparing the case in the U.K. and America. However, his next statement caught Hirsch by surprise and offended many.

“Why do you stay in this country if you take such offense when you see Nelson's column, if you take such offense when you hear Winston Churchill's name?” he said.

“If it offends you so much, how do you manage to stay here?” he added.

Hirsch said that she found it strange for Ferrari to say those words so she asked, “So there’s nothing in Britain that bothers you?” Ferrari answered, “Sure.”

“So why is leaving an option? This is my country and the reason I raise this critique isn't because I hate Britain, it's because I care about this country,” Hirsch answered back.

Those who saw the conversation felt bad for what Ferrari said to Hirsch. They took to Twitter and urged Ferrari to issue an apology to Hirsch.

“Has Nick Ferrari issued an apology yet?” one asked.

“@NickFerrariLBC you owe Afua and everyone else an apology for this striking racist incident. @SkyNews this is deeply unsettling to watch and @thecarolemalone Rachel Johnson need to be held to account for accepting that rhetoric. It's outrageous. I'm sorry Afua experienced this,” another added.

Meanwhile, another called LBC to sack Ferrari for “overt institutionalised racism.” “He is not a fit and proper person to be hosting a radio show. A full apology should be issued on air,” the online user wrote.

Many also asked Ferrari to include an apology to Hirsch on his show.

Nick Ferrari
Nick Ferrari arrives at the Audi Sentebale Concert at Hampton Court Palace on June 11, 2019 in London, England. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Audi