Do you usually have a lot of left-over empty candy wrappers after Halloween? This year there is a sustainable trick-or-treating bag option that allows people to mail in candy wrapper waste for recycling.

The recyclable trick-or-treating bags are available through a collaboration between candy brand Mars and recycling company Rubicon Technologies, which has an existing "Trick or Trash" program.

"Mars, and our iconic line-up of brands, put the consumer at the heart of all we do, especially during our biggest moments like Halloween," Tim LeBel, president of sales at Mars Wrigley said in a press release earlier this month.

"This year, our Halloween leadership highlights Mars' commitment to a healthy planet by providing a simple way to minimize packaging waste with the Mars and Rubicon Trick or Trash bags," LeBel added.

The bags are available online for free and will also be shipped for free. They can be ordered online and come with a prepaid shipping label back to Mars for recycling.

"We know that working with a variety of partners across industries is essential to keeping as much waste out of landfills as possible," Nate Morris, chairman and CEO of Rubicon said in the press release.