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Uber is not working for many users today. A network error was reported across the U.S. Uber

Uber is down for many riders across the country today. The Uber outage seems to be widespread, with the ride-hailing app not working in Boston, Dallas, Washington D.C. and much more. According to Down Detector first reports of Uber not working began shortly after 2:26 p.m.

Uber Outage
Uber is down today as users are experiencing a network error. Down Detector

Uber confirmed its app was down Thursday and said it's already working on a fix. "We're sorry to hear this we're aware of the issue and are working to resolve ASAP. We appreciate your patience," the company tweeted.

Update: Shortly after 3 p.m. Uber Support began telling users that Uber was working once again. "Sorry to hear about the trouble. Our team has resolved the issue, so you should be all set. Let us know if you run into any problems," the company said.

International Business Times was able to log-in to the app and hail a car but as of 2:55 p.m. users across the U.S. say Uber is still down.

"Omg annoyed I paid 10 bucks for Uber when my fare was only 3.80 cause Uber was down and I could not check and assume it was 10. Fml," one user wrote.

Uber not working is annoying for riders but the app not working also has a severe impact on Uber drivers.

"we drivers in San Antonio are losing loads of money because system down. I can’t log in please help!," Twitter user Pat Holloway tweeted.

"Uber would shut down the second that I need a ride...," another user said.

"Your servers went down in Lucknow today. I had booked a cab which couldn't navigate to the pick-up location because of the server issue. I couldn't cancel the ride because of the server issue. Almost missed my train. Inconvenienced like anything," Vikrant Yadav tweeted.

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