Ridesharing company Uber said that it will allow users in some parts of Brazil and Mexico to record audio of their rides, in an effort to improve the safety of the service. The feature will be implemented next month, with users allowed to choose whether they would like audio recording on all Uber trips they take.

If users encounter a security issue on their Uber trip, they can choose to submit the recording to the company's customer service agents. The feature is meant not only for the riders but also the safety of the drivers.

Uber has seen numerous dangerous incidents in both countries. Reuters reported that assaults and murders of Uber drivers spiked after the company introduced cash payments in Brazil in 2016, although Uber refutes the claim.

New York Times technology journalist Mike Isaac reported that when Uber was introduced in Brazil in 2014, some criminals would attack Uber drivers in a game of "Uber roulette." Uber at the time didn't require any verification other than a phone number or email, which made it harder to track the criminals. Uber then rolled out an improved verification service after 16 drivers were murdered.

Mexico has also seen safety issues. In 2016, an Uber driver in Mexico City was detained after a female passenger accused him of rape. Uber's policy of allowing cash payments has also prompted concerns from Mexican authorities, who believe it makes drivers more unsafe.

Uber has said that the audio recording feature could come to the U.S. but it would have to comply with the privacy laws in various states.