• No confirmed case of 2019-nCoV in Mexico City.
  • 240 Uber accounts temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure.
  • 2 Uber drivers suspected to have contracted the  Wuhan Coronavirus.

Two Uber drivers may have been exposed to the 2019-nCoV after transporting a possibly infected man in Mexico City. Uber already suspended a total of 240 accounts in the said area to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. The app users will not be able to book rides for at least 14 days.

CNET reported that no positive case of the 2019-nCoV had been confirmed in Mexico. However, Mexico City’s Health Department is closely monitoring a man “of Chinese origin” who has shown signs and symptoms of the disease.

“We have a dedicated online portal for public health authorities to contact Uber for information about riders and drivers,” an Uber spokeswoman said in a statement. “We will take action on any user accounts on the recommendation of those authorities,” she added.

The unidentified Chinese man arrived in Mexico City from Los Angeles International Airport last January 20. He allegedly visited tourist attractions, museums, and shops around the city for two days.

According to BBC, the same Chinese man stayed in the Hilton Mexico City Reforma Hotel. While he is considered to be highly contagious until proven otherwise, no hotel staff has developed symptoms as of this writing. Meanwhile, authorities have yet to provide more information about the Uber drivers who are also under close monitoring and quarantine.

Latest Tally on nCoV

The 2019-nCoV, also known as the Wuhan Coronavirus, is a new strain of an acute respiratory disease that was first discovered in China late last year. Since then, the Wuhan Coronavirus has been reported in at least 20 other countries, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.S., and Finland. Airlines like United Air Canada, British Airways, and Lufthansa have also halted operations between their hubs and major cities in China.

Of the latest tally, China recorded the most number, with 2,831 new cases and 57 new deaths. It was followed by the USA, with 3, and Germany, with 2. They add to the 17,391 already confirmed cases around the world with a death toll of 362, according to the World Health Organization.