Rayman Adventures
Promotional art for "Rayman Adventures." Ubisoft Blog

It might be hard for some gamers to believe, but “Rayman” is officially 20 years old. The gaming icon has entertained players since the early days of the original PlayStation. To celebrate the occasion, Ubisoft has announced “Rayman Adventures,” a free-to-play mobile game coming out next month on iOS and Android.

The game is sort of a spinoff from “Rayman Legends,” as a number of characters and enemies return to “Adventures,” according to Eurogamer. It also seems like the gameplay will be more similar to “Legends” than the previous two “Rayman” mobile games, which were more concerned with challenges and collectibles.

Since the game is free-to-play, there are a number of timers that players will have to plow through if they want to keep on playing. Touch Arcade stated that the timers are mostly related to the creatures that the player must collect.

These creatures, some of which can be seen in the trailer below, are needed to access specific areas in the game. However, they do get tired, so the player will have to wait for them to wake up or pay in-game currency to continue playing the game.

There is also another timer when finding these creatures, as they all come in eggs. As expected, players must wait for the egg to hatch in order to gain access to the creature. Once again, players can either be patient or pay in-game currency to rush the egg hatching and continue plowing through the levels.

Levels, as mentioned earlier, are more similar to “Rayman Legends,” so there’s plenty of exploration and combat to be had. All of the levels and animation look good so far, making “Rayman Adventures” one of the better looking games on iOS and Android devices.

“Rayman Adventures” has a lot to live up to, as the game is intended to be a celebration of the character’s 20th anniversary. The game will be released on Dec. 3, so fans will be able to decide for themselves if “Rayman Adventures” is worthy to be part of the character’s long lasting legacy.

Those who have purchased an Apple TV can actually try the game right now. The rest will have to wait till next month.

Rayman Adventures - Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Ubisoft)