• All players will get access to a free event pass containing themed cosmetics
  • The event features a rehash of the Conquest game mode starring a "Dead by Daylight" killer
  • The Halloween-themed event in "For Honor" will run from Oct. 21 to Nov. 11

Ubisoft’s medieval fighting game “For Honor” will be having an unexpected collaboration with Behaviour Interactive’s multiplayer horror game “Dead by Daylight” to celebrate the Halloween season.

The Survivors of the Fog event will feature an interesting new take on “For Honor’s” classic 4v4 Conquest game mode. Teams will still have to fight over control points around a map but instead of having NPC minions supporting each faction, “Dead by Daylight’s” Trapper will roam the map, hunting players from both teams.

The Trapper is one of the original killers in “Dead by Daylight.” This frightening killer hunts the prey by using bear traps and a large, blunt blade. Players can expect the Trapper to bring his signature bear traps in “For Honor,” which can possibly open players up for instant-kill executions based on Ubisoft’s reveal trailer.

The new game mode retains classic Conquest’s objectives of reaching 1,000 points first, then slaying all heroes in the enemy team. Capturing zones and defeating enemies will earn teams the necessary points they need, but killing the Trapper will also grant a significant number of points to the team that manages to take him down. However, the Trapper will respawn after a short duration.

It’ll be no easy task. The Trapper is a juggernaut with unique moves and abilities. He can also hang players on meat hooks scattered around the new “Dead by Daylight”-themed map, but the consequences of getting hooked remains unknown as of late.

For Honor will be celebrating Halloween in 2021 with a Dead By Daylight crossover event For Honor will be celebrating Halloween in 2021 with a Dead By Daylight crossover event Photo: Ubisoft

Apart from the new game mode, the event will also provide players with a free Event Pass, which is essentially a lesser version of “For Honor’s” full battle pass system. Through the Event Pass, players will be able to earn a number of Halloween-themed armor pieces, emotes, execution effects and even an entire Battle Outfit.

It’s currently unknown whether or not this collaboration is exclusive to “For Honor.” There are no announcements regarding any “For Honor”-related events in “Dead by Daylight,” but it’s likely that some form of collaboration will happen soon.

“For Honor’s” Survivors of the Fog event will run from Oct. 21 to Nov. 11 on all platforms.