Ubisoft is reportedly making a crossover title featuring Mario and the Rabbids. Ubisoft

The Nintendo Switch is slated to get Super Mario Odyssey later this year, but it’ll also reportedly be accompanied by another new, and unconventional: Mario title. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will release this fall for the Nintendo Switch, Kotaku reports.

The crossover role-playing game will feature characters from Nintendo’s Mario franchise along with the Rabbids from Ubisoft’s Rayman and Rabbid series. As Kotaku reports, the game will be anchored around two-player co-op and turn-based combat. Players can also play as Luigi, Mario, Peach or Yoshi, along with Rabbids who are dressed up as the same four characters.

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The game was first speculated about last October in rumors from French site GameBlog. Via a NeoGAF translation of the story, Ubisoft reportedly was working on a “Yoshi/Rabbid Rabbits crossover.”

Games writer Laura Kate Dale also echoed GameBlog’s initial rumor on Twitter back in January and cited a potential fall release date:

The Rabbids were originally antagonists in Ubisoft’s Rayman platformer series, but spun off into their own side franchise. Rabbids are Minion-like creatures who are commonly characterized by their screaming and ineptness. Since 2006’s Rayman Raving Rabbids, the characters have appeared in 12 mobile and console titles ranging from platformers to party games.

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As a relatively higher-profile third-party game, Nintendo had yet to confirm the title’s existence — it’s currently unlisted on Nintendo’s official calendar of upcoming Switch releases. However, it’ll likely be showcased as part of Nintendo’s expected E3-week Nintendo Direct live stream where the company is expected to give ample showtime to its roster of Switch releases for the fall and holiday season