Fisherman Fernando Beserra and Wilson da Silva Oliveira were busy gathering their nets when they claimed to have seen a UFO land just a few metres away in Ilha do Major, an island in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The photos of the location have now been made public.

At first, the men thought it was a balloon but as the object hurtled toward them, they were convinced it was an alien spacecraft. The terrified men jumped in their boat and one of them even hid in the bottom of the boat. When they tried to flee, the engine was said to have stopped while the object passed over. The lower part of the alleged UFO had intense flashing lights.

"We made about ten attempts until the engine started and then we left as fast as we could," Beserra told The Sun.

The incident from Oct. 1, 1995 reportedly left marks on the ground.

The fishermen returned to the spot the next afternoon. There was a circle of 18ft in diameter, where the vegetation appeared to have been indented. There were also rectangular markings of about 3.9 inches by 5.9 inches, and about half inches into the soil, reported The Sun.

National Institute of Aerospace Phenomena (INFA) investigated samples from the location and classified the sighting as Close Encounter of the Second kind.

Leading investigator Thiago Thichetti wrote about this incident in his 2019 book, "UFO Contacts in Brazil."