You got your latest slim, top-of-the-line LED backlit television, but when you mount bulky speakers beside it, the whole effect is gone. The viewing and listening pleasure is marred by sore picture mounted on the wall. Taking this into consideration the product designers at Definitive Technology have come out with an ultrathin speaker solution to perfectly match your thin TV.

Called Def Tech's Mythos XTR-50 speaker is barely 1.5-inch thick. But its thinness belies its audio power. It brings out hi-definition audio to match the hi-definition display panel in your home. Priced at about $700 each, the XTR 50 is a single speaker model. It is a versatile design that can serve as a right, left, center, or surround module by simply adjusting the speaker's on-wall orientation and rotating the magnetic Def Tech logo accordingly. Each speaker weighs about 5 pounds and has sleek aluminum cabinet that is stylish in appearance and makes the speakers free of resonance.