US Online Casino Industry Performing Well in 2021
US Online Casino Industry Performing Well in 2021 Unsplash

We see that the US online casino industry is performing well and we need to ask why. Can these results be replicated to other industries and behaviors?

The end of the second decade of the 21 st century was a lot of things, but it was not predictable. A lot of industries fell and it might just be the fact that online gambling gave a bit of escapism and daydreaming to contrast the constant doom and gloom in the media.

Generally, there were three factors that made the US online casino industry so successful in 2021:

  1. Focus on entertainment
  2. Customer tailored bonuses and options
  3. Increased security, insurance, and transparency

All three of these factors have been equally important for players. For those who were familiar with the platforms and the games, it was a welcomed experience of escapism under better terms. For new players, it was a relatively safe way to clear your head and have some fun for a while.

Even when the underlying factors for the explosion of online gambling in 2020 more or less passed, the benefits of having a safe and easy way to get your adrenaline up are still here. This is why even latecomer investors in the industry are expecting good returns.

While both players and investors are now having an issue sifting through the operators and offers, it is possible to find the best casino sites on websites like which offer a clear list of benefits and offers.

Reasons Why the US Online Casino Industry is Performing Well

The reasons for the stellar rise of the US online casino industry can be divided into technological, psychological, and economic factors. These three have, in a way, created a self-feeding loop for roughly two years that has ended in a more than 430% increase in the industry.

Primarily, there is the technological aspect. Even though online casinos in the US have been around for almost as long as the internet, they weren’t as accessible as many would have wanted. Only with the proliferation of cheap mobile data and fast internet could such an industry become mainstream.

To this technology come venture investments. While the gambling industry as a whole has always been lucrative, the price of entering the market used to be very high. Not every investor has the funds to build a luxurious Las Vegas casino.

But, a good gambling app can be made by a small group of developers on a shoestring budget and it can become a hit. Many in the industry used this fact to put their foot in the door.

Finally, on top of these two aspects were the lockdowns. With little else to do for millions of people worldwide, some entertainment and escapism were welcome. And if that fun is safe and even has the potential to win back some money, then all the better.

Easy Entertainment

Online gambling is easy. By some estimates, more than 298 million US citizens will have a smartphone in 2021, covering more than 6/7 of the population. And if you want to play a live casino game you just need to open the app.

While modern casino games can be played on other platforms, many are designed with mobile in mind. Especially when it comes to slots and similar quick games, a lot of people prefer to play them when in transit or waiting for something.

But, even when it comes to the home it is possible to lie comfortably and play your favorite game for a bit without any obligation to commit hours of your day. You can take it when you want it and drop it the moment you have something better to do.

Enticing Bonuses

Although gaming operators don’t like to promote this fact, it is true that a lot of people at least tried their hand in the online casino scene because of the bonuses. In some cases, the amount you can get as a bonus will go as far as 500%.

Such a bonus has the advantage of being ‘’monopoly money’’ if you are losing, but becomes real cash if you are winning. In the end, the game is much more relaxed and more fun for the player.

Cleared Legal Matters

The last several years have seen a clarification when it comes to the legal question of online casinos. Unlike before when most players needed to use offshore options, which were often doggy, now there are legitimate and licensed operators in almost every state.

Additionally, most players now know to look either for a domestic license from their state or for an international license from Malta or Curacao that is known to be reputable. This reduces the blight on the industry and makes players more likely to play and investors more likely to invest

Return to Terrestrial, Online Options Still Going Strong

There are economic experts that predicted how the US online casino performance will diminish once the main underlying reasons have been resolved, this didn’t end up being the case.

Even with people returning to hotel and resort casinos there are still new players entering the online market. In many ways, these two have now separated with terrestrial casinos focusing on luxury and experience while the web-based option is more about entertainment and availability.