• Servants are earned by converting human NPCs inside Servant Coffins
  • Players need the Dominating Presence ability before they can take Servants
  • Blood can be extracted from NPCs once they are thrown in jail cells

No vampire game is truly ever complete without the ability to brainwash humans and turn them into obedient thralls. “V Rising” accomplishes this through the Servant system, which can be extremely helpful for the players' in-game endeavors.

To obtain servants in “V Rising,” players must first construct their Servant Coffin and place it somewhere in their castle. This will unlock the Dominating Presence vampire power, which is the key to enslaving human NPCs.

Activate the Dominating Presence skill through the Powers wheel to convert any active skills into the Kiss of the Vampire, a channeled ability to brainwash any enemy with below 30% HP. If an enemy’s health is low enough to be fed on, they are weak enough to be dominated.

Once a target is affected by Dominating Presence, players must take them back home and place them inside a Servant Coffin. Converting enemies will take some time, so build the coffins in an enclosed room with Tomb floors to make things go faster.

Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising
Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising Stunlock Studios

After an NPC gets converted, players will be able to rename and re-arm them with crafted weapons and armor. This will increase their stats, and they will gain a bonus to their overall power level based on their innate Expertise stat.

Servants will patrol the player’s castle and help defend against all enemies. However, players can send Servants out on hunts by using the Castle Throne. Make sure to gear each Servant up to maximize their odds for success.

Each Servant has different specializations based on what type of NPC they originally were. These details can be seen in the Servant info screen on their respective coffins. NPCs with better blood quality gain better stats when turned into Servants.

NPCs can also be captured and turned into prisoners instead of Servants. After dominating an NPC, players can throw them inside jail cells, where they can be used as renewable blood source. This is a great way to have constant access to high-quality blood types so long as players don’t accidentally kill their prisoners.