• Players must defeat Polora in western Farbane to unlock Garden tiles
  • Seeds must be placed in the hot bar first before they can be planted
  • Prioritize planting seeds for Cotton and Ghost Shrooms to save time

Gardening is an incredibly useful mechanic in “V Rising” that many players tend to overlook. Flowers and other plants aren’t as essential early in the game, but players may find themselves wanting more of these resources later on when they begin to expand.

Oddly enough, “V Rising” doesn’t exactly explain how to plant seeds despite their apparent importance. Many players may find themselves with stacks of seeds in their inventories with no idea how to place them.

Before players can plant seeds, they need to defeat Polora the Feywalker, a Level 34 boss in the western quadrant of Farbane Woods. Polora isn’t difficult to beat, but she can be a bit annoying with her spirit companions and overall elusiveness.

Defeating this boss will reward players with their first Illusion skills and the ability to place Garden tiles in their territory. Place these tiles anywhere within a castle’s borders to create patches of farmable land.

After placing Garden tiles, players must equip plant seeds in their hot bar. Select the seeds, and the game should now let players place seeds manually.

So far, there seems to be no restrictions regarding seed placement. As long as the seeds have enough space, the game should let players place them on Garden tiles. Feel free to fill a tile with any type of seed, and they should all grow within a couple of minutes.

Gardening is especially useful once players arrive at the Dunley Farmlands and get their first few packets of Cotton Seeds. Cotton is an important resource for mid-late game armor crafting and maintenance, but they are typically found inside cotton farms protected by garlic.

Garlic increases the damage players take while decreasing the damage they deal, and the debuff duration is painfully long if players have no garlic resistance. Because of this, it’s recommended to find and plant cotton seeds as soon as possible to save time.

Apart from cotton, players should also aim to plant Ghost Shroom spores in their territory. These mushrooms only grow in the Cursed Forest, and they’re used for crafting Ghost Yarn and Silver Resistance Potions.

V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls
V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls Stunlock Studios