• Greater Blood Essence can be crafted in a Blood Press using Unsullied Hearts
  • Players must defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter to unlock Blood Essence upgrades
  • Greater Blood Essences are used for mid-late game equipment crafting

One of the core crafting materials used in “V Rising” is Blood Essence. This is different from the various types of blood that fuel the vampires themselves.

Blood Essence is primarily used as a power source for Castle Hearts. They’re also used in many recipes, from castle floors to some mid-late game potions. As players progress through “V Rising,” they’ll eventually reach a point where they need Greater Blood Essence before they can continue down the tech tree.

Greater Blood Essence is much rarer than its normal counterparts. As of the early access version of the game, Greater Blood Essence can only be crafted.

There are two main ways to gain Greater Blood Essence: mash Unsullied Hearts or compress normal Blood Essence in a Blood Press.

The Unsullied Hearts route will be the only real option for players who are below level 45. This is easier said than done, though, as Unsullied Hearts rarely drop. Players may have better luck at getting these hearts by farming level 30+ bosses or enemies with high blood quality.

The drop rate for Unsullied Hearts gets higher according to an enemy’s level, so expect to get tons of these at Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.

On the other hand, a full stack of Blood Essence can be converted into Greater Blood Essence once players defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter. This boss’ level is at the mid-40’s though, and most players won’t be able to reach this level until they reach the second tier of weapons and armor.

Tristan wanders the northern fringes of the Farbane Woods. He can be frequently seen patrolling the roads around the Bandit Copper Mine and Bandit Armory.

Tristan is a lot trickier to fight than the rest of Farbane’s bosses, and underlevel players who attempt to fight him will easily find themselves cornered. If Tristan’s attacks somehow fail to kill the player, the sun eventually will.

Greater Blood Essence is used for crafting some mid-late-tier gear and buildings. They’re also used for crafting Primal Blood Essence, which is used for crafting endgame gear like Sanguine weapons and Bloodmoon armor.

Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising
Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising Stunlock Studios