It's easy to scurry out and buy a box of chocolates or bouquet as a last-minute Valentine's gift, but for those who want to try something different, why not surprise your significant other by downloading a romantic app? It's fast and free.

If you don't know, which app to choose for your Valentine, Valentine's Day 2012: 14 Best Free apps for your Love, has handpicked a bunch for you. Once it is downloaded, your partner will be given the option of picking one of 14 golden hearts, which when tapped, will automatically start downloading a Valentine app.

There's a whole range of games within the app that are suitable for different interests. NaturalMotion's My Horse, allows the user to groom, feed and train a horse before competing with others. The app has been adapted for Valentine's Day, so romantic blurbs will pop out throughout the game.

PlayMesh's Valor is another app within the package that has a multi-player, city-building simulation component. It may not be one of the most romantic games, but it is definitely popular among males.

While users of the app interact with the games their score goes up on a built-in love thermometer, which unlocks bonus gifts and free songs that can be downloaded from iTunes onto the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

I like this app, something to do, says one review posted by Dbowers2363. An app to get more apps? Not really impressed, especially if it's collecting data, said Jeffrey Powers in another review.

Download the app here.

Don't have a date? There's an app to find you one.....

If you're still looking for a date on Valentine's Day, it's never too late. Skout, another free app that can be downloaded from the iTunes store, will match you up with other singles looking for love. Millions of users in many different locations use the app, which raises the chances to find a perfect match for the big day.  

Don't have a gift yet?

El Gifto is a free app that generates gift ideas for all tastes and budgets. All you need to do is type in the gender, age and interests of your significant other and the app will pull up a list of ideas.