• Mods are now available for "Valheim" 
  • Mods add new features to the game or fix some of its existing issues
  • Links to the featured mods are included below

“Valheim’s” existing features and mechanics are great on their own, but they each have their own share of shortcomings. This is where mods come in.

Players who have sunk dozens of hours into “Valheim” may find that some aspects of the game might need some improvement. Luckily, various mods have been developed by members of the “Valheim” community to fill in the gaps and cracks within the game.

Some mods do simple things like add more loot or make items craft faster. Other mods take things a few steps further by adding more advanced features. Here are some of “Valheim’s” best mods so far.

A player approaches the Mistlands, an upcoming biome in Valheim
A player approaches the Mistlands, an upcoming biome in Valheim. Valheim

First Person View

As its name suggests, this mod enables a first-person mode in “Valheim.” The mod allows players to zoom all the way in so they can see the game world from their character’s perspectives.

This also includes other features like user interface adjustments for better readability and an “immersive” camera view where the players can view the lower parts of their body by looking down.

This mod is great for builders who want to make accurate building placements or players who simply want a more immersive experience. It’s worth noting, however, that “Valheim” isn’t built to be played in the first-person perspective so combat may feel a little clunky.

Advanced Building

This mod’s name is a little misleading in the sense that it’s not the type of “advanced” many people expect. Instead of adding more building features like in Valheim Plus, this mod allows players to save pre-built structures and spawn them into open terrain.

Players will be able to create custom prefabs to make building large bases and villages that much easier.


Players who have died at least once will be familiar with the corpse running aspect of “Valheim.” The Gravekeeper mod lets players keep all of their hard-earned items after, without having to make them run all the way to their gravestone.

This is a simple yet very useful mod that introduces a “softcore” option that’s found in other survival games. It’s great for new players or for those who simply want to enjoy the game more. Gravekeeper does come with tweakable options, however, letting players tailor its settings.