• "Valheim" is the latest survival title from Iron Gate
  • The game is now available on Steam Early Access
  • Players looking for ways on how to find hidden treasure can check out this guide

Owning many materials and items is crucial in the player's survival in the brutal world of "Valheim." While players can easily find items lying on the ground or dropped by enemies, other supplies are available in certain unknown places. Here are useful tips and tricks for players looking for ways to locate secret treasures in the game.

How To Find Buried Treasures In "Valheim"

Players can easily find places in "Valheim" with buried treasures by looking for the rocks that stand up vertically on the ground. They look like gravestones or slates and are usually in large groups in open areas. Whenever players see these standing stone formations, a treasure is usually buried.

Players can start digging on the ground around these rocks using a pickaxe. Those who are just starting the game can use the antler axe to get after killing the first boss named Eikthyr. Loots found on buried treasures are not really different from those found above ground, but most often, buried treasures contain amber and gold.

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Finding Buried Treasure Using A Wishbone

There is a more reliable and easy way to locate buried treasures in "Valheim," that is, with the help of a Wishbone. This item helps players save time and effort since they won't have to dig through the whole area to find the treasure. The wishbone acts as a metal detector for buried treasure and resources.

Players can get a wishbone after defeating the third "Valheim" boss Bonemass. When players equip a wishbone, and in an area where the buried treasure is suspected, it will release green sparks. As players get closer to the treasure, the wishbone starts beeping and it becomes louder and faster as players get closer to the treasure's location.

In "Valheim," the wishbone is the only item that is 100% reliable in finding buried treasures and resources. What players could find is usually the same kind of thing, which includes coins, feathers of arrows, and gold and ambers.

"Valheim" is now available on Steam Early Access.