• Flametal can be mined from Glowing Metal in the Ashlands
  • "Valheim" players will need a Blast Furnace to turn Flametal Ore into Ingots
  • Flametal is currently unusable as no recipes are available for it yet

The world of “Valheim” is full of dangerous monsters, but players are given increasingly powerful tools and items the more they explore the game. From tools made of stone and rags to very sturdy Blackmetal equipment, there are a lot of things that players can use to fight Odin’s enemies with.

Ore types play a big part in the progression system of “Valheim.” While Black Metal might be the strongest tier of equipment available as of the current version of the game, the existence of Flametal Ore has many players questioning just how far they will be able to progress in terms of weapons and armor.

Flametal Ore can only be found in the Ashlands biome. Players who have explored large chunks of their worlds may have stumbled upon this strange area that’s filled with hostile Surtlings and Glowing Metal veins. Striking these Glowing Metal ores will yield Flametal Ore.

This type of metal falls under the late-game category along with Black Metal. Players will need to craft a Blast Furnace first before they can refine Flametal Ore into usable ingots. Gathering Flametal is simple enough, but since it’s a type of ore, players will have to haul it back home on foot or by boat.

Unfortunately, the Ashlands biome is still under development, and as such, Flametal doesn’t have any actual recipes yet. None of the crafting stations will show anything that can be crafted with Flametal ingots as of now, but existing game files hint at the possibility of flaming weapons being added into the game.

Players can spawn a special type of weapon called Dyrnwyn, a blade made of pure flames. It deals a mix of Slash, Pierce and Fire damage. This weapon can only be spawned via the developer console under the item name “SwordIronFire.”

It is safe to assume that Flametal will eventually have official recipes added to the game. The official roadmap shows that there is still plenty of content that’s yet to be added to the game.

However, Iron Gate said that they will be focusing on bug fixes first before moving on to adding new content to “Valheim.”

A lone Viking exploring the Plains in Valheim.
A lone Viking exploring the Plains in Valheim Valheim