• Black Metal is one of the stronger tiers of equipment in "Valheim"
  • Players must defeat Moder, the game's third boss, to craft Black Metal Bars
  • Black Metal Scraps can be gathered from the Fulings found in the Plains biome

Black Metal is one of the higher-tier crafting materials in “Valheim” and is used to create some of the best weapons and armor in the game. Such power comes at a cost, however, but like every challenge in “Valheim,” it’s nothing that can’t be surpassed by those who persevere.

Valheim” players who are searching for Black Metal should already have the previous tier of equipment unlocked. A working Forge and Smelter are required to craft the rest of the equipment needed to create Black Metal bars, so be sure to have these handy.

Gather Materials

To craft Black Metal, players will first need to collect Black Metal scraps from monsters known as Fulings located across the Plains biome. Any variation of Fuling will drop scraps for players to collect and these monsters are somewhat abundant, so players should have no trouble finding them.

Gathering scraps is arguably the easiest part of the process, however.

Defeat Moder

Beating the black wyvern Moder is necessary if players want to craft Black Metal equipment. The boss can be summoned by offering three dragon eggs at a specific altar in a Mountains biome. The exact location of this altar can be found by interacting with a rune stone that’s potentially inside one of the buildings in the region.

A player preparing for a night in the woods in Valheim.
A player preparing for a night in the woods in Valheim Valheim Steam Page

Make sure to prepare for a fight as Moder is one of the more difficult enemies in the game. Defeating her will unlock the recipe for the Blast Furnace, which is needed to smelt Black Metal scraps.

Craft Black Metal Bars

First, create a Blast Furnace using 20 Stone, 10 Iron and 20 Fine Wood on an Artisan Table. Place it in a vacant spot and it’ll be ready to use. The Artisan Table’s recipe will be unlocked after defeating Moder and is crafted using a Dragon Tear.

Fuel up the Blast Furnace and use it to turn Black Metal Scraps into Black Metal Bars. Players can use a Forge to turn Black Metal Bars as well as a few other choice ingredients into their choice of equipment.

Crafting Black Metal equipment will make the rest of the journey to defeat other “Valheim” big bosses that much easier. Just be sure to keep a few extra bars handy for worst-case scenarios.