• "Valheim" features a lot of formidable enemies that players could easily defeat using higher-tier weapons and gear
  • To create these weapons and gear, players need a high-quality resource, the Black Metal
  • Here is a guide on how to find Black Metal in "Valheim" and how to create weapons and gear out of it

Black metal is the strongest material in "Valheim," and it is being used in crafting and forging some of the most useful tools and powerful weapons. However, this resource is quite limited in the early part of the survival game. Here are some tips and tricks on how to find and smelt black metal in "Valheim."

How To Get Black Metal Scraps

There is only one way to obtain black metal bars in "Valheim," and that is by acquiring black metal scraps and converting them into bars. However, getting black metal scraps is not an easy task since players need to kill vicious goblins called Fulings. These creatures are only found in the Plains biome, and they drop black metal scraps when they die.

Players can turn black metal scraps into black metal bars by using a Blast Furnace. It is somehow similar to the Smelter, but it is used to forge higher-tier gear. To craft a blast furnace, players need five Surtling Cores, 20 Stones, ten iron and 20 Fine Woods. Stone can be found almost everywhere, while Iron can be found in Sunken Crypts and in the Swamp biome using a Wishbone.

Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench
Valheim player crafting better gear on an improved Workbench Valheim Release Trailer

Black Metal Weapons And Gear

With black metal bars, players can now forge different kinds of weapons. This includes Black Metal Knife, Black Metal Axe and Black Metal Sword. They can also fashion Black Metal Shield, Black Metal Towershield and Black Metal Atgier.

To forge the Black Metal Axe, players need six Fine Wood, 20 Black Metal Bar, and five Linen Threads. Players also need to have Workbench Level 4 to craft the weapon. Making the Black Metal Sword is a lot cheaper than the Black MetalAxe. Players just need a couple of Fine Wood, 20 Black Metal Bar, and five Linen Threads.

Meanwhile, crafting the Black Metal Knife requires four wood, ten black metal bars and five Linen Threads. For the Black Metal Shield, players need to have Workbench Level 3, ten Quality Wood, five Chains and eight Black Metal bars. Crafting Black Metal Tower Shield is somehow similar except that players need 15 Quality Wood, ten Ferrous Metal and seven Chain.

"Valheim" is now available on Steam Early Access.