• The Legends mod adds specialized character classes in "Valheim"
  • Each class has unique abilities that support their playstyle
  • The mod requires the BepInEx pack before it can be installed

While Iron Gate is busy working on bug fixes and the first major update for “Valheim,” members of the community have put it upon themselves to create more content for the game in the form of mods.

The “Valheim” Legends mod is a relatively new addition to the modding compendium at Nexus Mods, and yet it has already stood out as one of the more unique ones available. The mod adds a total of six new Hero classes that players can choose right at the beginning of the game.

The mod adds an extra layer of specialization that’s good for solo play and even better for groups of friends, letting each member of the party take on a specialized role for that classic fantasy game party feel. The different classes are the Valkyrie, Ranger, Berserker, Mage, Shaman and Druid.

A player wielding Frostner about to throw down with Bonemass in Valheim A player wielding Frostner about to throw down with Bonemass in Valheim. Photo: Valheim

Each class has three unique abilities. For example, the Valkyrie class specializes in crowd control effects and shield blocking, which makes it a great frontline tank class. The Valkyrie can cause all enemies in an area to stagger, and it can also apply a buff that increases block efficiency and leap into the air to crash down on enemies below.

How To Install “Valheim” Legends Mod

The only prerequisite for installing this mod is the BepInEx plugin pack, which will allow mods to work for “Valheim.” This can be downloaded at the Thunderstore website. Installing the Thunderstore Mod Manager is also recommended, but those who would prefer not to can simply copy all of the contents of the BepInExPack_Valheim folder and paste all of them inside the “Valheim” installation folder.

To navigate to this folder, right-click on “Valheim” on the Steam Library, hover over the Manage Files tab and click on Browse Local Files. 

Those who want to install the Legends mod will simply have to download the mod and place all of the .dll files and the VL_assets folder inside the “…BepinEx/plugins” folder.

After pasting all of the files, run “Valheim” and start a game normally. The Legends mod should be active once the game finishes loading.

To play this mod with friends, simply make sure that everyone has the mod installed exactly as detailed above to avoid any version mismatch errors.