• "Valheim" is getting a major update called Hearth and Home soon
  • The game's recent patch fixes bugs and made several gameplay tweaks
  • Players must ensure their "Valheim" version is updated before attempting to fix any issue

"Valheim" recently received a new patch that delivered a lot of changes in the game, including gameplay tweaks and bug fixes. Interestingly, players noticed that after installing the latest update, they experienced several issues. Here are some tips on how to fix can't connect to server and incompatible version error update issues.

Can't Connect To Server Issue

Since "Valheim" is still in Steam Early Access, connection to server issues following an update are usually among its teething problems. There is nothing more annoying than not being able to join regular servers. Thankfully, this one has an easy fix.

Players must first check if their "Valheim" version is updated. To do this, right-click the game in the Steam Library, select Properties and under Update check the last time the game was updated. It is also important that players check that their server is updated as well.

'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings
'Valheim'; the latest hit video game set in the vital and violent world of the Vikings AFP / Kilian FICHOU

Players can make "Valheim" connect to their preferred server automatically when it launches. To do this, go to Steam library, right-click the game and select Properties. Under the General tab, players will find a text box marked Launch Options. Players need to enter “+connect ServerIPAddress:PortNumber”, without the quotation marks. They also need to change the Server IP Address and Port Number with their preferred server's IP and port number.

Incompatible Version Error

This is a nasty issue, which basically means that the player's game might be updated, but the server is not. In other words, the versions are not at all compatible, preventing the game from running. To solve this, players need to first back up their saved data, the "/Valheim/savedata" folder, to a different path. They then need to update their server. After the server has been updated, they can copy the "/savedata" folder to the "Valheim" folder.

If the problem has something to do with the server, players can force update it. This way, they can just run the script each time they meet the same incompatible version error. To do this, players need to download and install SteamCMD.

After installing, players should go to the folder where they installed "Valheim" and make a new but empty text file. They also need to change its extension from .txt to .bat. Next, players need to open the file and type the address of the SteamCMD folder, login anonymous, force_install_dir, address of the Valheim folder, then app_update 896660 validate. After that, they can exit and double-click the file to run it and update the game's server.