• "Valheim" is a survival game from Iron Gate
  • The game features a lot of tough bosses
  • One of them is Moder, the queen of drakes

Like other survival games, "Valheim" features different kinds of bosses that present a distinct threat. This new title from Iron Gate rewards players with essential materials crucial to help them progress the story. In this guide, players will learn the tips and tricks on how to collect Dragon Eggs and defeat Moder.

How To Obtain Dragon Eggs And Summon Moder

Moder is a dragon and one of the toughest bosses that can be found in the mountains of "Valheim." To summon her, players need to place three Dragon Eggs in three separate bowls in the middle of the Altar. Players can do this by placing the Dragon Egg on the hotbar and hitting the corresponding number key while the cursor is over the bowl.

So, where and how do players find these eggs? Dragon Eggs are huge, glowing purple eggs found in Drake nests in the Mountains. The nest is usually guarded by drakes that fight from the air and deal with frost attacks. Players can easily defeat them by just using a bow. As for the Altar, it is usually found near the spot where the Dragon Eggs are located.

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The eggs are heavy and with each weighing a 200-point carry weight. In other words, players cannot carry them all at once, and instead, they have to return to the Altar in three trips. Once all the eggs are placed in the Altar bowls, Moder will be summoned and the boss fight will start.

How To Defeat Moder

Players need to prepare before facing this boss. For that, they need to have a full set of Wolf Armor for Frost resistance. This is crucial since players will be fighting Moder in frigid combat. For weapons, players should bring a melee weapon and a good bow. They could equip the Silver or Iron Sword and for the bow, they could equip the Draugr Fang or the Huntsman Bow.

Most of the battle will take place in the air, so players must stock a lot of arrows such as Needle or Fire Arrows. As soon as the fight starts, Moder will fly around the sky and when she is airborne, she will attack by sending shards of ice that explode on the ground and create frozen stalagmites around the area. The ice will restrict players' movement and when hit, players take frost damage and slow down for several seconds.

Players should destroy this ice on the ground using a weapon so they could freely move around the battlefield. While Moder is flying, players should equip their bows with Fire or Needle Arrows and begin firing. The secret to winning this battle is for players to keep on moving around the battlefield and avoid the ice shards and continue hitting her with as much arrow as their stamina allows.

Moder will land on the ground after some time, which gives players the chance to get close to her. Players should assault her by whacking her wings and head but they should be careful since she will bite them as soon as she rears back her head. After some time, Moder will begin flying around, when this happens, players should not let her fly far away from the battlefield or the fight will end and she will restore to full health.

Players need a lot of patience and arrows to win the fight. They just need to continue alternating strategies until they kill Moder. They should also be cautious against wolves, stone golems and drakes that occasionally wander in the fight.