• The mysterious cloaked figure disappears each time a player tries to approach it
  • It doesn't seem to have any discernable features aside from its one glowing eye
  • Many believed that the ghostly stranger is no other than Odin

"Valheim" offers a procedurally generated expansive world that allows players to explore and discover a lot of things. Interestingly, several users noticed the mysterious cloaked figure in the game, who disappears when they get close. Players are still trying to unmask the identity of this ghostly, mysterious character that seems to be carefully watching the players.

Different "Valheim" forums, subreddit and other communities talking about the game are filled with players' reports claiming to have seen the mysterious cloaked figure while playing the survival title. Players recount their experience of these sightings, claiming that when they try to approach it to get a closer look, the figure disappears. Beyond the usual one glowing eye, cloak and staff, the figure doesn't seem to have any discernable features.

As for the timing of the appearance, players claim to notice the figure on shorelines while they are sailing, in the forest when they are exploring, or after they beat the first boss. Although players spotted the mysterious cloaked figure on different biomes, it seems that it's most frequently seen at night. Some players believe that it is the grim reaper but many believed that the mysterious ghostly figure is no other than Odin.

Valheim Early Access Launch Trailer
A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage! Coffee Stain Official YouTube Channel

The King of Asgard and the All-Father Odin is most likely the mysterious cloaked figure that intrigues "Valheim" players. The game is about Vikings and borrows some elements from Norse mythology, so it's safe to say that Odin could make his appearance in a unique way. Also, Odin sacrificed his other eye to gain more power, which seemingly fits some players' description of one glowing eye.

In Norse mythology, Odin is described wearing a traveler's cloak with a walking stick when he visits the human world. This matches players' description of the ghostly and mysterious cloaked figure. "Valheim" is still in its early access, suggesting that Odin might have a greater role or larger things to come in the hit survival title. Officially, however, the ghostly hooded figure who disappears when players get close is still a mystery.

"Valheim" is available on PC. The game is currently on Steam Early Access.