• "Valheim" only allows a maximum of ten players to play simultaneously
  • One way to remove the server cap in "Valheim" is installing mods
  • Some of the most recommended mods are Data Rate Modifier, Max Player Modifier and uMod

A lot of "Valheim" players are finding slick ways to remove the server cap and play with more than the ideal maximum players per server. While some can go beyond the player cap, they experience several issues like the game running poorly because of a large number of people playing simultaneously. This guide might come in handy for players looking for ways to remove the cap and increase player count.

Remove Server Cap in "Valheim" By Using Mods

Gosunoob recommends editing the assembly_valheim.dll to remove the server cap. Players just need to change the line, “m_serverPlayerLimit = 10;” into “m_serverPlayerLimit = 20;” or whatever player count they prefer. However, taking this road does not mean that all 20 can simultaneously play. Only up to ten players can play at the same time when using this process.

One of the most effective ways to remove the server cap in "Valheim" is installing mods. One of the recommended mods to do this is the Data Rate Modifier mod by Valdream. Through this, players can use the full extent of the bandwidth of all players. It also removes the restrictions that the devs programmed the game by default. 

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For this to work smoothly, all participating players in the server should have this mod installed. It is available on Github and comes with the step-by-step process of downloading and installing the mod. Another mod that players could use to remove the "Valheim" server cap is the Max Player Modifier. 

This mod allows players to easily change the maximum number of players without going through the game's files. This mod works best with the Data Rate Modifier. 

Remove Server Cap And Increase Player Count By Installing Plugins

Players can also try the Max Players uMod Plugin tool. It is only possible if players have already installed uMod. 

When uMod is already installed, they then need to download the Max Players uMod plugin. After that, they need to copy the file into the umod/plugins folders. This method increases the maximum player count to 50. It is worth noting that installing mods and plugins comes with risks. Players should make sure that they know what they are getting into before tinkering with their game files.