• Panic Button’s head of production Dan Hernberg expressed interest in porting "Valheim" for the Nintendo Switch
  • Panic Button is famous for porting AAA titles to the Switch
  • "Valheim" is still in its early development stages, making a port unlikely to happen anytime soon

“Valheim” could potentially see a release on the Nintendo Switch in the far future, the head of one of the console’s most renowned teams suggests.

Panic Button’s head of production Dan Hernberg has expressed interest in porting record-breaking Viking survival game “Valheim” to the Switch after sinking many hours into the game.

“I’m not sure if this is my 'any game pick' but, right now I’m playing way too much Valheim and I would love to port that to Switch,” he said during an interview with Nintendo Life.

Panic Button Games is known for successfully creating ports of famous games for the Nintendo Switch. These games include the likes of “Doom Eternal,” Warframe” and “Subnautica.” Their latest port to the Switch is EA’s hit free-to-play battle royale “Apex Legends,” which is set to release on Tuesday.

A “Valheim” port to the Nintendo Switch can bolster the game’s impressive popularity and sales figures. The game has sold over five million copies in the span of one month, making “Valheim” one of the most successful games of all time on Steam.

“Valheim” dev Iron Gate has stated in its website’s FAQ section that it is not ruling out the possibility of a console port. However, the team is focusing on improving the game’s current state and developing it further since “Valheim” is still in Early Access.

The Mistlands in the Early Access version of Valheim
The Mistlands in the Early Access version of Valheim. Valheim

Iron Gate’s small five-man team won’t be able to handle the added workload of porting an unfinished game for consoles, but introducing Panic Button to the equation may alleviate this concern. However, the fact that “Valheim” is still under development may mean that a console port won’t come to light until the game’s actual 1.0 release.

“Valheim’s” development has been making steady progress in terms of bug fixing, network performance improvements and balance changes. However, there has not been any official word on when the next major content patch will arrive.

The first planned “Valheim” update, dubbed “Hearth and Home,” will focus on the game’s base-building aspect, with various improvements to the game’s farming and cultivation, new plantable seed types and more house building pieces, among others.