• The Unique Weapons mod adds 12 new weapons to the game
  • The weapons are balanced for the endgame
  • The mod is currently a WIP with balance tweaks coming in the future

A recently released mod for “Valheim” adds 12 brand new weapons to the game to spice up the late-game stage.

The Unique Weapons mod by Nexus Mods user v801 adds themed and non-themed weapons to “ Valheim ” to fill in the gap in the game’s current endgame content. Most of these weapons are designed for the post-Mountain biome stage of the game, with even the Eikthyr weapons requiring either Silver or Crystals.

The new weapons feature unique looks made with altered vanilla assets to create a new tier of equipment that doesn’t feel out of place. The new Static Cleaver battle axe, for example, is a double-headed version of the vanilla Battle Axe that crackles with lightning.

The mod adds one-handed and two-handed weapons alike; including a few knuckle-type weapons that make use of the Unarmed moveset for players who want to brawl with the game’s many monsters. The mod also adds the Chaotic Hand weapon, which lets players fling fireballs from their hands.

The weapons require a fair amount of farming and material gathering, with many of the boss weapons requiring multiple boss trophies to craft. The mod also uses unimplemented materials like Crystals, Flametal and Yagluth Drops as part of the new weapon crafting recipes.

The Unique Weapons mod is currently a work-in-progress project, and it is subject to balancing passes and tweaks in the future. The mod author highly recommends using it with the CLLC difficulty rebalance mod and the Epic Loot mod that adds randomized loot drops to “Valheim.”

The Unique Weapon Mod in Valheim adds new interesting weapons to the game
The Unique Weapon Mod in Valheim adds new interesting weapons to the game Valheim

The Epic Loot mod lets monsters in “Valheim” drop loot similar to games like “Diablo” or “Outriders,” with new items that have various effects like reduced weight, additional elemental damage, improved durability and more. The new additions from Unique Weapons are also affected by these changes if both mods are installed.

Installing the mod will require both BepInEx and the JotunnLib mod library in order to function; both of which can be downloaded via links included in the Unique Weapons page at Nexus Mods. To install the mod, simply download the latest version and place the “Unique Weapons” folder from the .zip file into the “…BepInEx/plugins” folder in the “Valheim” installation folder.