Vampire Diaries fans may have thought that they'd seen the last of Klaus (body wise of course) when Alaric staked him in the Season Three finale. According to Jeremy's Steven McQueen, Joseph Morgan will be reprising his role as Klaus in season four of the Vampire Diaries.

On Saturday McQueen tweeted:

Shot new promo pictures @iansomerhalder @paulwesley @ninadobrev @danieljgillies @JosephMorgan @KatGraham @Michael_Trevino and @zach_roerig

Fans knew that Klaus would essentially still be alive on the Vampire Diaries when it was revealed that Bonnie cast a spell to protect the vampire species. If Klaus had been staked by Alaric he would have died along with Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Katherine, Tyler, Bonnie's mom and many more. To protect those she loved (and even those she despised), Bonnie plotted with Klaus to let him take over Tyler's body.

With McQueen's tweet about Joseph Morgan's involvement in new promo pictures, it seems like its safe to say that somehow the original vampire is going to get his body back.

Besides the revealing tweet, we had a feeling that Bonnie couldn't keep her secret, or let her friend Tyler's body be used by the evil vampire.

McQueen's message also reveals that another original vampire (and my personal favorite) will be popping up in season four. Daniel Gillies' return to the series was uncertain after he was cast in NBC's new series Saving Hope. Since Gillies' name was dropped it appears that Elijah will also be swinging by Mystic Falls again.

Are you excited to see the original vampires return to the Vampire Diaries?