Vampire Diaries 707 recap
Damon (Ian Somerhalder, left) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) try to convince their mother to kill her boyfriend in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 7, episode 7. CW

A pregnancy with a negative pregnancy test and an empty uterus is weird, even for the CW's “The Vampire Diaries.” In Season 7, episode 7, Caroline (Candice King) was feeling all the symptoms of a pregnancy, but she wasn’t seeing any logical reason to believe she was with child. After Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) revealed that Caroline was given the Gemini coven’s last set of twins, it seemed like a sure thing (especially since King is actually pregnant). However, this episode made it seem like Valerie could be wrong.

Caroline’s Pregnancy: Caroline takes a pregnancy test, and it turns out negative. “I’m really sorry. I know how much you wanted this,” Caroline says to Alaric (Matt Davis).

Matt (Zach Roerig) interrupts their moment when he calls Caroline and reveals that even more people are being compelled to sit in the Grill, just like at the high school. He explains that they aren’t being fed on. They’re all being fed. He found food remnants in the trash. Caroline vomits after Matt talks about steak, and she claims she drank a bad blood bag. He doesn't quite believe vampires get food poisoning though.

She calls Valerie and asks her to take the compulsion off, but the Heretic says that Julian (Todd Lasance) would just replace them. Valerie takes compulsion off anyway and Caroline compels them to leave town. Beau (Jaiden Kaine) finds them at the last minute and attacks, but Valerie protects Caroline. She stakes her former family member and makes Caroline invisible so they can escape.

Caroline wants to know why Valerie cares so much and why she is so sure that she knows the spell used to make Caroline pregnant with Jo’s babies. Valerie explains that she once used the spell, but she wasn’t strong enough without a coven. It’s the first time Caroline hears that Stefan (Paul Wesley) was supposed to be a father. Valerie promises that Caroline is pregnant with Alaric’s babies, and she doesn’t want Alaric to lose this children the way she and Stefan did.

Caroline goes to the OB-GYN and undergoes an ultrasound procedure, but the doctor can’t find any heartbeats or see a fetus. It seems Valerie may have had false hope. After the doc leaves, the Heretic comes in and again promises that Caroline is pregnant. Valerie runs a hand over Caroline’s stomach and says that the Gemini coven cloaked the babies. Caroline grabs the ultra sound and presses it to her stomach again. She is indeed pregnant with twins.

A Salvatore Thanksgiving: Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are hosting a “pre-Thanksgiving” dinner. Stefan claims it’s to recruit an ally, and that’s when Lily (Annie Wersching) shows up. He wants to convince her that they need to get rid of Julian.

Stefan tells her about Valerie’s pregnancy and how Julian beat her until she miscarried. However, Lily doesn’t trust Valerie’s word anymore. Stefan pretends that he believes her and toasts to new beginnings, but it’s poisoned. Lily passes out and Stefan tells Damon that they’re going to have to “do this the hard way.”

The boys tie up Lily and remind her of the last man she loved, their father. Giuseppe (John Charles Meyer) once made Damon eat his pet turkey on Thanksgiving, and that was just the beginning of his cruel ways. Lily claims she didn’t let her son miss a good meal, but Stefan plans to tell plenty of other stories from the past tonight.

“You’re going to sit here and you’re going to listen to every word I say,” Stefan says. “And at the end of the day, you’re going to help us kill your boyfriend.”

In a flashback, Giuseppe confronts the boys about money missing from his bureau. He asks which one did it, and they deny the accusation. After his father tells him to be a man, Damon says he took it. His hand was burned with a cigar, even though he was taking the fall for Stefan.

Lily says she knew exactly what their father was doing. They’re in the middle of questioning her when their mother starts bleeding from the neck. She explains that Julian is in trouble and their lives are linked. If he dies, so does she.

They untie her and Damon takes off to find Julian. Lily explains to Stefan that she took the money. She wanted to try to save up to take the boys away from their father. Giuseppe found three train tickets and hit her. He threatened to take the boys away from her if she ever tried anything like that again.

“The only thing I cared about more than leaving him was protecting your brother and you,” she promises. “Everything that I did back then I was doing for you.”

Fighting Julian: Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) pick up Oscar’s (Tim Kang) car because Julian wants it. Bonnie advises him to take a different approach to winning Lily’s affections, but Enzo is intent on finding whatever Julian wanted first. They find a small sword in the trunk that Bonnie wants to research, but Enzo wants to just shove it in Julian’s chest immediately. Bonnie points out that that’s not the best way to win a woman’s heart.

Still, Enzo goes to Julian’s house to taunt the older vampire. Julian resists a fight because he promised Lily not to cause trouble in the house. Enzo suggests taking it outside.

He and Enzo go to the woods for a duel. Once Julian sees the sword, he disappears, and sneakily attacks Enzo when he doesn’t expect it. He disarms Enzo and it looks like Julian is about to kill him. Then Damon appears and throws Julian to the side. When he gets back up, Damon stabs him with the special sword. He twists the blade, taking pleasure in the pain that he is causing.

Enzo is upset to find out that Damon may have killed Lily, but Julian isn’t dead yet. He jumps up, knocks out Enzo and stabs Damon.

Lily finds them all, and Julian quickly notes that Damon knew he was torturing his mother. Lily and Julian go home, and Damon doesn’t seem remorseful.

Damon tells Stefan that Lily can never be redeemed. He doesn’t want to hear about what she told Stefan, and he says that she deserves what she gets.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Lily asks what Julian was doing in the woods with Enzo. Lily thinks he was being careless, but he is arrogant and claims he always wins. Lily confronts him about Valerie’s unborn child. “I would never have done something so revolting,” he says.

Lily doesn’t look entirely convinced, but Julian immediately starts comforting her after her hard day. He asks for forgiveness for his carelessness and she says, “Of course.” She flashes back to Gieuseppe asking for forgiveness, and it looks like she may have realized the similarities in the men she chooses.

She goes to her sons and says that they were right. “I’ve traded one monster for another, and I’m not going to let him hurt us anymore,” Lily tells her sons. “But I have a plan, and this time we won’t get caught.”

Bonnie’s Adventures: Even though she isn’t a major player this week, Bonnie is still involved in some vital moments. She goes to Alaric to find a book where she saw Enzo’s new sword. She reads that the Phoenix Stone gives the sword it’s power. Without the stone, it’s just a sword.

Later, Matt is angry that Bonnie was with Enzo. He says Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) have a way to help him, and he doesn’t need the witch.

Enzo sits down for a drink with Bonnie and says he is giving up on Lily. Bonnie thinks he deserves better anyway.

Three Years From Now: In this week's flash-forward, Damon and Alaric are at the news station to save Caroline. Damon is going in to protect her while Alaric waits outside to put vervain into Stefan. If Stefan goes in, he’ll get killed because it’s a trap. When Damon goes in, Caroline isn’t there and he gets shot. It looks like Stefan wasn’t the only Salvatore that the hunter wanted.

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