matt davis
Here's hoping Matt Davis doesn't need his "Vampire Diaries" stake gun on "CSI: Las Vegas." CW

Leave of Absence Good news for fans of actor Matt Davis. The 35-year-old former “Vampire Diaries” star is set to bring his good looks this fall to “CSI: Las Vegas."

Davis has landed a recurring role in the 14th season of “CSI: Las Vegas,” according to TV Line. The site describes his character as a “smart, athletic and competitive son of a decorated fireman” who “while on the surface outgoing, he is deep down a bit of a loner, with the soul of a poet and the mind of a mathematician.”

His character is expected to sort of fill in for actor George Eads, who plays CSI team member Nick Stokes. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Eads was forced to take a leave of absence from the series after allegedly getting in a “heated exchange” with an eight-month-pregnant show writer.

When the argument regarding his character’s creative direction got back to “CSI” showrunner Carol Mendelsohn, Eads reportedly threatened to quit, but instead was given a leave of absence for “several episodes.” He’ll appear in the first three episodes of the series, with his disappearance being explained in the fourth episode. Davis’ character is set to debut in October, but it’s unknown if he’ll appear before or after Eads takes his break.

Davis played Mystic Falls high school teacher Alaric Saltzman on “The Vampire Diaries.” His character was killed off the CW series at the end of season 3, giving him an opportunity to get back out on the market. Although he guest starred in a couple season 4 episodes of the hit CW series, the actor immediately jumped into his next project – another CW show, “Cult,” which was canceled in April.

Here’s hoping he has better luck on “CSI: Las Vegas” when the season premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

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