• Vanessa Hudgens celebrates Valentine's Day alone
  • She shared videos and pictures of the celebration online
  • Her party included pizza dinner with candels

Vanessa Hudgens celebrated her first Valentine’s Day after her split from boyfriend Austin Butler, and it looks like she had a blast. The actress ordered some pizza and had a candlelight dinner with her pet, and shared the pictures with her fans on social media.

“This is what I call a love day,” Hudgens wrote in an Instagram post she shared on Valentine’s Day.

The picture showed three boxes of pizza surrounding some candles and the actress with her phone standing in front of the mirror to click the picture.

Celebrating the day with Hudgens was her pet dog. She shared a picture of her with her pet and said that she had the “cutest little buddy” ever. The dog can be seen snuggling next to the actress and looking at the camera in the picture.

Hudgens appears to have needed the pizza party because she was sick the day before Valentine’s Day. She shared a video of her from her bed on Instagram and said that she was feeling sick on Thursday, which is why she was not able to share any “thirsty Thursday” posts that she normally does every week.

After sleeping the whole day with a temperature, Hudgens realized that she was not able to post a sexy picture of her on Instagram. In her post, she explained her situation to the fans and apologized to everyone with a smile.

On Valentine’s Day, Hudgens entertained herself with some fun filters on her phone and shared the videos on Instagram. She hoped to see her fans have just as much fun as she did.

The first video showed Hudgens wished herself a happy Valentine’s Day, which she described as a day to love oneself. In the second video, she wished her fans a happy Valentine’s Day. The third video was a filter that had a cartoon teddy bear hugging the actress.

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Vanessa Hudgens rapped Nicki Minaj lyrics at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas. Getty Images