Vanessa Hudgens opened up about her parents' struggle in America as immigrants and noted there should be a movie based on their story.

"My mom is from the Philippines, and growing up there weren’t really that many women who looked like me and my mom and my family on screen," the 32-year-old actress told Glamour Magazine on Thursday.

The actress further explained why it is important to bring different stories on-screen. She explained that telling stories helps to relate with those who have struggled in their life and develop empathy towards the new immigrants.

"It’s so important to share all the different stories because America is a massive melting pot, [just like the] world," she added. "There are so many different stories that need to be told so that we are exposed to them and can have more empathy towards different people."

Hudgens noted that she is waiting for her mother to write a book on her experiences so that she can make a movie based on it.

“As an immigrant, coming into the States and not knowing anyone, I can’t even imagine how difficult and challenging that is and what challenges she faced as a woman," she added. "And my father was a firefighter, so he was gone for a week and home for a week."

The actress believes that her mother's story will be "such a relatable story to so many women all over the world," adding that the more stories will be shared, "the more we can lift each other up."

Hudgens also reflected on how her father, Greg -- who died in 2016 due to cancer -- used to always encourage her to achieve her dreams.

"He gave so much time and energy into me achieving my dreams and for me to have a career where I can do what I love," she said. "So I felt like I needed to do it, because that’s what he would’ve wanted [me] to do."

On the work front, Hudgens is currently filming a TV series, "Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas," which is slated to release next year. The series also stars Joe Manganiello, Anya Chalotra, Ross Butler, Harry Lennix and Monica Barbaro.

Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Emily (Vanessa Hudgen) and the rest of Wayne Security are welcoming some potential clients from Atlantis in Season 1, episode 3 of “Powerless.” Photo: Evans Vestal Ward/Warner Bros/NBC