A venomous snake was found inside a dishwasher, leaving the home owner shocked. The incident took place in Paris Creek, South Australia, on Monday.

The unidentified woman opened the machine after a two-hour wash cycle only to find an eastern brown snake, the world’s second-most venomous snake, inside it. The snake catchers arrived at the home and rescued the reptile from the machine. The snake was believed to have entered the machine through the drain pipes from outside.

A video of the rescue showed a snake catcher opening the machine and taking out the dishes. He then patiently removes the reptile from inside the machine using snake tongs and places it in a sack.

The video has since gone viral with several people saying that the situation was handled well.

“Glad no one was hurt but also they handled the situation without killing that snake. I'm sure it was terrified getting itself stuck in pipes and subsequently a dishwasher,” one person commented.

“The family was lucky it didn’t come out when they weren’t looking,” another wrote. “That's just a snakewasher with dishes in it,” wrote another person.

This is a picture of a boa constrictor at the El Salvador National Zoo in San Salvador, June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Oscar Rivera