Verizon does not want phone owners to abandon their handsets with cracked screens. The largest mobile network in the United States has found a way to make it work for its clients through a new incentive under its Total Mobile Protection plan.

Just this Thursday, Verizon announced via its official website its new same-day cracked screen repair service. The carrier launched the service after learning that 30 percent of smartphone owners have and use devices with cracked displays. Also, less than 40 percent of smartphone and tablet owners have a protection plan to cover for the expenses of having screen repairs and whatnot.

In a move to help consumers have their devices repaired, Verizon updated its Total Mobile Protection plan and added new incentives. One of these incentives is for the cracked screen repairs. The service is available with a $79 deductible, which is obviously less expensive than having a smartphone replaced.

Devices eligible for Verizon’s same-day repair service include the following: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4; Galaxy S7, S6 and S5; Apple iPhone 6s Plus, 6s, 6, 5s, 5c and SE, and the Motorola DROID Turbo and Droid Maxx. The carrier explained that the service is only available to these phones because the incentive was launched after considering certain factors, such as the popularity of the model and the availability of parts replacements.

Unfortunately, the same-day screen repair is not going to be available to all. SamMobile has learned that the carrier is only dispatching technicians for this service in select states. Hence, it’s not possible for all 220 repair locations of Verizon to offer this incentive to consumers. Only places like Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Oregon and many more will offer cracked screen repairs to Verizon clients. The full list of areas that will be getting this new service is found on carrier’s website.

Also part of the improvements to the Total Mobile Protection plan were the increase of the claims users can make to three from just two and the multi-device protection. The latter makes it possible for customers to have protection for up to three lines on the same account, and all lines are eligible for unlimited Tech Coach support.