A poor meal can at times become a risky deal, even for animals. In a recent incident, vets had to help a snake regurgitate its latest meal – a cane toad – in order to save its life.

A snake catcher in Sunshine Coast, Australia, found the snake trapped in a mesh bag at a home. In a Facebook post, Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, wrote that the reptile was "close to being dead" when he arrived.

"As soon as I got him out from being stuck in the bag he still didn't seem well at all and I noticed something in his stomach that wasn't sitting right either," he wrote in the post.

McKenzie rushed the reptile to the animal clinic where the vets managed to help the reptile regurgitate the cane toad it had swallowed.

"We were able to gently massage the food up so that the snake would regurg it. As soon as the Cane toad came out its like the snake gave a sigh of relief," he wrote.

"Keelbacks can eat cane toads but unfortunately due to the snake being stuck in a bit of netting the food wasn’t sitting right in its belly and it needed to come out," he added.

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A video posted on the page showed the vets helping the snake regurgitate the toad. As soon as the dead frog comes out, the snake's condition improves and it can be seen slithering around the table.

After being monitored overnight, the reptile was released into the wild.

"I monitored the Keelback overnight and as you can see at the end of the video when I release it the Keelback was back to feeling great again," McKenzie wrote.

The video has since gone viral with people thanking the snake catcher for rescuing the reptile.

"Great work and fantastic to see/hear that people are looking out for our native slithering friends," one person commented.

"Love your work, great outcome," another user wrote.

Snake Pixabay