All eyes were on supermodel Lily Aldridge during the taping of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Aldridge was chosen to wear the iconic 2015 Fantasy Bra, designed by Pascal Mouawad and his team of designers.

The world first got a sneak peek at the bra earlier this month when Aldridge debuted the pricey piece on her Instagram page.

Following the New York taping of the fashion show, International Business Time caught up with Mouawad to discuss this year's Victoria's Secret "Fireworks" Fantasy Bra.

"It's really their wow piece," Mouawad said. "It's definitely a fantasy to own a bra like that. It's an inspirational piece... it's made out of diamonds, colored stones, gold. It's a very unique piece."

Mouawad has been designing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Fantasy Bras for the lingerie company since 2001. The jeweler explained to IBT that he first met Victoria's Secret executives Monica Mitro and Ed Razek in 2000, when the brand held their fashion show at Cannes in France.

"Our company was sponsoring an amfAR event and hosted a party on our family yacht," Mouawad said. "Victoria's Secret models were invited to the party. I got to meet the models and more importantly the management of Victoria's Secret, Monica and Ed."

Mouawad said he eventually invited Razek and Mitro out to lunch to discuss him collaborating with the lingerie company, but Victoria's Secret initially passed on his offer. However, the company reached out to him about a month after their meeting and offered Mouawad an opportunity to create their 2001 Fantasy Bra.

"Heidi Klum wore it," Mouawad told IBT, referring to his Heavenly Star Bra. "It was a spectacular bra.”

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra Heidi Klum wearing the 2001 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. Photo: Getty Images

Mouawad has been working with the company ever since, creating 10 of their 15 iconic bras. This year it was all about color for the "Fireworks" Fantasy Bra. The high-end jeweler said it took over 685 hours to create the stunning bra, and it has over 6,000 precious gems including diamonds and swirling strings of blue topaz, yellow sapphire and pink quartz. On top of it all, the gems are all set in 18-karat gold. The "Fireworks" bra is valued to cost a whopping $2 million.

According to Victoria's Secret, the bra was inspired by their Very Sexy Flirty bra. Mouawad explained that he and his team received an "inspiration board" from the company in March detailing the different sections in this year's fashion show.

When it was decided that Mouawad's Fantasy Bra would kick off the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show's Fireworks section, the designer and his team got to work.

"We're given a mood board in terms of what the whole scene will look like and then our designers work closely to create a bra that's in line with what Victoria's Secret is looking for," said Mouawad, adding that it normally takes about four months to finish the bra.

The designer also revealed that the Fantasy Bra is uniquely built to only fit the model wearing it -- in this case Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge Fantasy Bra Model Lily Aldridge at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in the "Fireworks" Fantasy Bra. Photo: Getty Images

"We get a mold of her body," said Mouawad. "It takes about an hour to do the mold."

Mouawad admitted that while the Fantasy bra is stunning, it's not necessarily the most comfortable piece of lingerie ever worn.

"It's made of gold and stones so it's not fabric," Mouawad explained. "But it does fit her body."

The jeweler went on to explain that now that the fashion show has taped, the Fantasy Bra will go on tour. The first stop is the Victoria's Secret London store on Dec. 4, and then it will move on to a store location in Dubai.

"It'll be done touring around mid-December, right before Christmas," he said.

Once the tour wraps, the $2 million bra will then be available for purchase from the highest bidder.

"We will hold it for about a six month window and if it doesn't sell then we dismantle it," Mouawad said. "The beauty is that it's made of stones, diamonds and gold so we can very easily use the stones for other pieces of jewelry. But obviously the plan is to sell it."

To help attract potential buyers, Mouawad said he decided not to create such an expensive Fantasy Bra this year. In 2003, the designer received a Guinness World Record for his Very Sexy Fantasy Bra because it was the most luxurious and expensive piece of lingerie ever made. It was worn by Heidi Klum during that year's fashion show.

Besides creating this year's "Fireworks" Fantasy Bra, Mouawad and his company provided the models with $15 million worth of jewelry to wear down the runway. Some of the pieces included 18-karat white and yellow gold emerald diamond earrings and an 18-karat white gold ruby diamond ring.

"For me, it's a great sense of pride," Mouawad said about seeing his pieces on the Victoria's Secret runway. "I'm very happy and proud of what we do. I think we're all proud of what we created together."

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.