Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon reportedly cut his adopted son, David, out of his will. Reuters

Vidal Sassoon’s adopted son may not inherit any of his father’s £5.2 million ($7.9 million) estate in the UK.

The hair stylist’s son David Sassoon, 41, has been cut out of a will drafted two months before his father's death in May, according to a document cited on Saturday by the Daily Mail.

“My son David Sassoon and his issue are hereby disinherited and shall take nothing under this will, and for the purposes of the will, shall be deemed to have predeceased me, leaving no surviving issue,” the will states.

Vidal Sassoon adopted him in 1975 when he was 3. He has two surviving biological daughters. In 2002, his eldest daughter, Catya Sassoon, died from a drug overdose, the Telegraph reports.

In his autobiography, “Vidal,” the hairdresser described his son, David, as a mischievous boy who once peed out of a second-story window during a fashion party at their home, “just missing Johnny Carson’s head.”

David Sassoon wasn’t the only family member cut out of the will.

Sassoon’s three ex-wives, Elaine Nations, Beverly Sassoon and Jeanette Sassoon, were also disinherited. They shall "take nothing," the will states.

Vidal Sassoon'ss actions may not be totally out of character.

Sassoon was famous for his geometric haircuts and line of hair care products -- and his temper. A New York Times article recalled he once sent employees home for not having their shoes shined, slapped a client with a comb when she touched her hair mid-cut and confessed to throwing a pair of scissors at the ceiling out of frustration.

Sassoon, who had leukemia, died at the age of 84, at his home in Los Angeles. His net worth was an estimated near $150 million at his death, the New York Daily News reports.