Late night talk show hosts couldn't help from showing their disappointment that Tuesday came and went without the arrest of former President Donald Trump, as he had predicted on Truth Social.

According to "Jimmy Kimmel Live", we should have seen the "very bigly day" not coming.

"Donald Trump said he was going to be arrested today in New York. He wrote this on Saturday, but the day came and went and Trump remains at extra extra-large," Kimmel quipped. "He is still out there. We should have known he wasn't getting arrested the minute he said he was going to get arrested."

"The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" focused on the demonstrations that Trump called on from supporters, showing a scene of exactly six signs and five protesters in front of the Manhattan court.

"Trump called on all his supporters to protest, but there are more signs than people," Fallon noted. "More people protested at McDonald's to bring back the McRib. The NYPD didn't know if it was a protest or just some people waiting for the light to change."

"The Late Late Show With James Corden" wondered if Trump was starting to change his views on criminal justice, and worried how the former first lady was holding up during all the drama.

"I'll bet Donald Trump is ready to defund the police now," Corden joked. "... Meanwhile, Melania is at Mar-a-Lago saying, 'Please don't put him under house arrest. Please don't put him under house arrest.' "

"Daily Show" highlighted a different bit of news from New York -- the rollout of the city's new tourism campaign. In what guest-host Al Franken found to be a meaningless move, New York City's slogan was changed from "I Love New York" to "We Love New York."

"That's right, it's not 'I' anymore, it's 'We'," Franken said, "as in 'We cant afford rent.' Or 'We just got pushed in front of the subway.' Or 'We just pushed someone in front of the subway.' "