The latest in a long-running series of online prank videos trailing a socially risqué or bizarre character walking the streets of New York City has found its most recent viral video set-up: Kim Jong-Un.

Popular social media figure and video creator QPark released a clip Sunday showing 10 hours of Kim Jong-Un walking the streets of NYC to troll people’s reactions. The video follows QPark’s rendition of the North Korean dictator as he goes everywhere from Harlem to Wall Street and even the Trump Building. The video from QPark's YouTube channel can be seen here:

Reactions vary widely, and although many people realize he’s a famous figure of some sort, they don’t always identify him by name. One pedestrian refers to him as his father, Kim Jong-il, while other passersby struggle to work out his exact name. At one point he attempts to receive a haircut at a Harlem barber shop as shocked customers all pull out their phones to document the moment.

“What’s he doing in America? Supreme leader from North Korea? Holy sh*t. We got phones…” one man is seen asking, before offering to sell him a cell phone on the street.

At one point, the Kim Jong-Un character stops and thanks everyone filming him by Wall Street’s Trump Building: “The Supreme Leader thanks you. Good Day.” he says waving. While many shocked onlookers simply take video, one woman can even be heard calling out President Trump’s recent nickname for him, “Rocket Man!”

Previous takes on the "long walks through NYC" video pranks done by QPark and others include wearing a romper, adorning traditional Arabic clothing and watching Virtual Reality porn on the NYC subway.