Owning a Tesla can be a fun purchase for car buyers, who want their first electric vehicle.

But blowing one up might be a whole lot more fun.

In mid-December, a Finnish man named Tuomas Katainen gained the bragging rights for being possibly the first person to blow up his Tesla Model S with the help of the "Bomb Dudes,” or Pommijatkat in Finnish, a YouTube channel whose specialty is blowing stuff up with dynamite.

Several days later, the eight-minute viral video continues to generate interest. On YouTube, the video of the car exploding has over 5 million views. At the 5:20 mark of the video, the explosion takes place to much fanfare.

Katainen did not just decide that he wanted to be the first to explode a Tesla. According to Katainen, he was initially pleased with the car until its battery died — not once, but twice since he purchased it 18 months ago.

Under Tesla’s warranty policy for the Model S, the car can be replaced after eight years or 150,000 miles if there is a minimum 70% retention of its battery capacity within this period of time.

Katainen, however, said his Model S did not qualify because the car broke down after logging only 930 miles.

He said that replacing the battery that powered the car would cost a whopping $22,000. At that point, Katainen thought, “Now I’m going to explode the whole car away.”

The car was rigged with 66 pounds of explosives and moved to a detonation site. A rock wall stood behind the rear of the car and the crew stayed at a safe distance behind a bunker with specialized cameras surrounding the car.

The Bomb Dudes removed the battery before the explosion to prevent any serious environmental damage from the blast as well as other important parts.

Once the car was stripped of these components, the crew retreated behind their bunker. After a countdown, the dynamite went off and within a second the Tesla was blown to smithereens, sending debris flying in all directions. The blast was so strong it appeared to disable one of the cameras that was used to film the episode.

The crew decided the filming would not be complete without a guest of honor. Just before the Tesla met its fate, a helicopter appeared to airdrop a mannequin with a picture of Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk glued to its face.

After strapping the dummy in, the Model S went out with a bang.