"Vikings" Season 4 Spoilers
Princess Gisla's (Morgane Polanski, pictured) ill feeling toward Rollo (Clive Standen) may change during Season 4 of "Vikings." History Channel

If Rollo (Clive Standen) plans on winning over his new bride in Season 4 of the History Channel's "Vikings," he’ll have to do much more than get a fancy blowout. That’s what actress Morgane Polanski, who portrays Princess Gisla, revealed to International Business Times during a press conference call.

In a sneak-peek clip of the upcoming episode, it was revealed that Rollo will undergo a massive makeover — one that’ll transform him from a pagan beast to a Frankish royal. But if Rollo thinks that enough to impress his Parisian princess, he’s severely mistaken.

“In Season 4 we pick up at this wedding, which [Princess Gisla] doesn’t want, but has to happen. And then they’re going on a journey from there,” Polanski told reporters. That journey will involve “twists and turns and ups and down,” the actress added, noting that “really cool stuff” will be unveiled throughout their storyline.

The Paris-born performer teased that one of the topics to be explored in Season 4 is the chemistry between Rollo and Princess Gisla. From the moment that her character laid eyes on Rollo (during the show’s third installment), Princess Gisla was disgusted with the Nordic warrior. But it looks like her ill feelings may change in the current season.

“Let’s just say that stubborn people don’t stay stubborn forever,” she alluded to a possible romance, adding that audiences can expect her character to unveil her vulnerable side during Season 4. “She’s going to put that guard down a little bit,” Polanski told IBT. “In Season 3 you mainly see her in public or rarely see her in an intimate space, so you will get to definitely see her surrendering.”

Part of that vulnerability will stem from her relationship with Rollo. In the Season 4 premiere, Rollo turned his back on the Vikings in a vicious slaughtering in order to prove his loyalty to Frankia and his wife. But will his actions prove to Princess Gisla that he’s trustworthy?

“I mean, always inside her there will be that, ‘Does he really mean it? Will he turn on me?’” she explained her character's fear, elaborating that Princess Gisla’s faith in Rollo will depend “on his actions, how hard he works and how much he proves.”

Do you think Rollo and Princess Gisla are capable of becoming a Frankish powerhouse couple? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below. “Vikings” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on the History Channel.