• “Vikings” Season 6 Part 2 releases Wednesday
  • The show will be streaming online on Amazon Prime Video
  • Bjorn and Ivar will face Saxon King Alfred the Great in its concluding season

History Channel’s original series “Vikings” is nearing its climax. The show concludes with the final episodes for Season 6 this week.

Fans can watch the remaining 10 episodes online through streaming.

Michael Hirst’s historical drama starring Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Alexander Ludwig (King Bjorn Ironside), and Alex Anderson (Ivar the Boneless) will return for the final half of the concluding season, bringing an end to the stories inspired by the saga of Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok.

“Vikings” Season 6B will pick up with episode 11 titled “King of Kings.” It is expected to reveal Bjorn’s fate who was stabbed by Ivar with a sword as The Rus’ claim victory.

The recently released promo for “Vikings” final season suggests the fight for Bjorn is not over yet. Bjorn is seen recovering in his camp. Meanwhile, his people want their king to live. They ask Bjorn to lead them once again and help them restore the Vikings’ reputation of being the greatest warriors.

As for Ivar, he believes his destiny has other plans for him. He has his own ambitions to fulfill and wants to die as the “most famous Vikings who ever lived.” Elsewhere, Ubbe has his own plans. He decides to sail west and find the “golden land” that his father had dreamed of.

“The tumultuous conflict between the Rus and Vikings comes to a conclusion with grave consequences,” reads an official synopsis (via TV Line). “While in Iceland, Ubbe is determined to fulfill his father Ragnar’s dream and sail further west than any Viking has traveled before. And there is unfinished business in England. The Vikings have established settlements there, and over-run most of the country – except for Wessex.”

Ivar the Boneless must return to his family and brother to face the Saxon King Alfred the Great and restore Vikings’ former glory.

In related news, show creator Hirst revealed why “Vikings” is coming to an end after six seasons. In an interview with Gamespot, Hirst said it was “time to conclude the saga.”

“And it was very satisfactory, in a way, when we came to what I knew was going to be by the last season. I also felt that I'd said as much as I had to say really about Vikings, you know? I started off and I was fascinated by their culture and beliefs, and I wanted to overturn all these prejudices and cliches about them. And [then] I fell in love with these major characters,” Hirst explained.

In addition, he revealed he had to kill some of his favorite characters as the show reaches its climax. He said the 10 final episodes of the series were “deeply emotional” for him.

“Vikings” Season 6B will release Wednesday at 8:00 pm ET on Amazon Prime Video. The first part of the sixth season is currently available online on the streaming platform.

Katheryn Winnick
"Vikings" star Katheryn Winnick wore a a black off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with dotted sleeves and a high slit, accessorized with an Edie Parker "jean" magnetic clutch in black obsidian sand. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok