Just as a Chinese vlogger was about to devour an octopus alive, the creature clung to her face, sucking at her skin with its long tentacles.

The horrifying moment was captured in a video, which was live streamed on a short-video sharing platform in China, called Kuaishou. Although it was not known when exactly the video was shared on the site, it recently went viral. A 52-second-long clip of the live stream was uploaded on YouTube as well as the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The clip started with the octopus already stuck to the face of the female vlogger, who goes by the name “seaside girl Little Seven” and lives in Lianyungang, northeastern Jiangsu province. Initially, she appeared to be unfazed about the creature sucking her skin, telling her viewers, “look how hard it's sucking.” However, as soon as she realized she could not detach the mollusk from her face, she started to panic.

As she continued to tug its arms away from her face, the more the creature seemed to latch onto her skin. Its limbs covered almost the entirety of the left half of the vlogger’s face, with the suckers getting hold of her cheek, nose, upper lip and the skin below her eye.

She screamed out in pain, yelling “painful” and “I can't remove it” as she tried to get rid of the octopus desperately. After she finally managed to pull the creature off her face, she evaluated her appearance. A puncture wound was seen on her left cheek, from which a few drops of blood oozed out. "My face is disfigured!" she cried, looking at the wound and wiping away the blood.

However, she recovered from her ordeal fast and remembered why she started shooting the video in the first place. "I'll eat it in the next video,” she said during the live stream.

According to a document detailing the characteristics of a giant Pacific octopus, published by the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in New York, the creature had 280 suckers on each arm, each sucker containing thousands of chemical receptors. Their limbs are used to explore their surroundings, and fend off attacks from predators. Using all eight arms, an octopus can move more than 700 pounds.

The video received over 50,000 views on Weibo, with a number of people reacting to the bizarre incident. “Why do you want to eat live, although it is just food. Think about the octopus in the pain, really miserable,” commented one user, while another wrote, “She deserves it. She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too.”

The vlogger has eaten a variety of cooked seafood including crayfish and lobsters in her videos. It was not known whether the recent stunt was her first attempt at eating raw seafood, Daily Mail reported.