The fifth season of “The Voice” premiered on NBC Sept. 23, with the first blind auditions. After each coach turned their chairs and began fighting for their 12 artists, the battle rounds began. During the battle rounds each coach pits their teams against each other while performing a song together.

After each battle, the other coaches weigh in and the team coach eventually decides who must go. Monday marked the third night of battle rounds. Each coach also may steal two artists other coaches have eliminated. So far, Blake Shelton has used all his steals, while Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green have only used one, and Adam Levine has both steals left.

Battle Round 1: Team Christina: Josh Logan, 33, vs. Michael Lynch, 27

Aguilera paired landscaper and singer Michael Lynch with soulful singer and single dad Josh Logan to sing coach Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 song, “Harder To Breathe” off their debut album, "Songs About Jane." Aguilera’s co-mentor Ed Sheeran directed the two singers through the song during practice. Initially, Aguilera was frustrated with both artists' laid-back attitude, but she directed both to be better performers in order for one to move forward. After the performance, Green gave great feedback to the performers eventually telling Aguilera that both did well. Shelton reassured Aguilera that there would be no wrong decision. Levine, being that it was his song, chose Josh in the end. Aguilera’s final decision was Logan, who will now move on to the knockout rounds of “The Voice.”

Battle Round 2: Team Cee Lo: George Horga Jr. 17, vs. Juhi ,16

Green paired Romanian singer Horga with college student and vocalist Juhi, who will be singing “The Best I Ever Had” by Gavin DeGraw. Green’s adviser was soulful superstar Miguel, who gave both artists major compliments on their singing abilities. During the practice performances, Juhi was pulling ahead of Horga while Green was coaching Horga to compete. In the last practice performance, both Green and Miguel praised the two artists, who are the youngest on Team CeeLo and went head to head in the battle rounds. Levine noticed George’s fallen note and praised Juhi’s on her range of vocals. Shelton also noticed the break in George’s voice and told Juhi that her voice is incredible for someone her age and advised Green to pick Juhi. Green chose George because of his passion for music and he will be moving on to the knockout rounds. Levine stole Juhi almost immediately so she as well, will be moving out to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 3: Team Blake: Austin Jenckes, 25 vs. Brian Pounds, 24.

Shelton paired singer songwriter Austin with former college baseball player Brian. Austin and Brian showed up the their practice with Shelton to be met with his adviser, Cher. Shelton paired the two artists together to sing “To Love Somebody” by the BeeGees. Cher advised the singers to control their voices while they were singing and to take their time with the vocals. With the battle approaching, Austin and Brian joined Shelton and Cher for a final rehearsal. Cher told Austin that he had to do better during the performance to have his voice heard. Austin and Brian face off in a battle to stay on Team Blake, leaving the other coaches impressed. Aguilera praised both artists but told Shelton to pick Austin. Green also chose Austin due to his effortlessness. Levine was the third to round out the votes of Austin. Shelton made the final decision was chose Austin as the winner of the battle and will be moving him forward into the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 4: Team Adam: James Irwin, 31 vs. Matt Cermanski, 20

Levine paired retuning artist James with singer songwriter and returning artist Matt. Levine had advisor Ryan Tedder. The artists will be singing “Counting Stars” by Tedder. Both artists quickly found a connection with the song that is about struggling to make it as a musician in this tough industry. After pushing Matt to move towards the keys of the songs, they were stunned by what they heard. In the final rehearsal, the two artists performed for Levine and Tedder and Levine told them to add a bit of soulfulness to their performance. The two returning artists went into the battle rounds putting everything on the line to stay in the competition. Shelton told the performers that they both have the same strengths and weaknesses, eventually telling Levine to go with James. Aguilera also went with James, as did Green. Levine made the final decision and chose James, advancing him to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 5: Team Christina: Destinee Quinn, 20 vs. Lina Guadinez, 23

Aguilera paired biker bar worker Destinee with former teen model Lina, who will be singing, “I’m Not Ready To Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks. Aguilera urged the girls to dig deep to find the right tone for the song. Each artist took the song and made it their own. Lina, taking more vocal risks, was urged by Aguilera to control her vocals to stay on pitch. Aguilera told the girls that they need to put more emotion behind the song to make it more believable. With their battle nearing, the artists have one last rehearsal with Aguilera and adviser Ed Sheeran. After the showdown, Aguilera gave the artists a standing ovation. Green praised Lina for the strong voice, and told Destinee he admired her emotion behind the song. Levine also said the artists were emotionally connected to the song but eventually said he would pick Lina, as did Shelton. Finally, Aguilera chose Destinee moving forward to the knockout rounds. Levine, who used his final steal to move her through to the knockout rounds, quickly stole Lina.

Battle Round 6: Team Adam: James Wolpert, 22 vs. Will Champlin, 30

The final battle was between Apple store employee James Wolpert and son of Chicago band member Bill Champlin, Will. The song Levine chose for the two artists “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Levine thought the song would be the perfect choice for the two artists, who are very similar. He did note slight pitch issues with Will, while Ryan Tedder, Levine’s adviser, told James he needs to convey emotion. As the battle round neared, the two artists meet with Levine and Tedder for the last time before the big performance. During the final rehearsal, Will blew away both Levine and Tedder with his much-improved performance. James and Will fought for a spot on Team Adam with a vocal showdown. Shelton told James that he was the surprise of the battle because he doesn't look the part, therefore, he told Levine told go with him. Aguilera, on the other hand, told Levine to pick Will. Green sided with Shelton. Levine ended up picking James moving him forward into the knockout rounds. Aguilera used her last steal to get Will on her team.

Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EDT, NBC will air Season 5 Episode 10 of “The Voice,” the fourth battle round episode.