Voxox has moved beyond the computer with the introduction of its new iPhone app.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, TelCentris showed off Voxox, software which unified all communication channels (voice, text, chat, video, social media, email, fax and content sharing) into a single interface. During the event, the team behind Voxox teased an iPhone app for the service.

The tease is now a reality with the recent introduction of the iPhone app. The app, VoxOx Call for iPhone, allows for affordable long-distance calling without relying on a mobile data plan. It also has many of the features from the Voxox software including 2-way SMS, inbound faxing, on-call star commands that allow users to create 20-party conference calls, visual transcription switch devices mid-call and digitally record calls.

It also can seamlessly sync with the Voxox software, which allows users to keep the same account and phone number. Voxox users rely on one phone number, channeled through the company's traditional telephone network to initiate a call.

Voxox says there is never a problem with depleted bandwidth as a result of this strategy, and it allows them to offer cheap calling rates. Users can simply dial a contact's phone number, and then wait for their phone to ring with that person on the line. Instead of the call being routed as an outbound call for which a mobile carrier may charge toll fees, VoxOx turns it into an inbound call, which in most countries is toll free.

We foresee this app becoming particularly popular among mobile users who have international calling needs or are living in areas where domestic outbound mobile calls incur toll fees, Rob Lewis, vice president of product management at Telcentris, said in a statement.

Voxox said it created this app as close to Apple's native applications as possible. Apple, the company said, has certain guidelines. It also makes it easier for the user to get used to, the company said.

Voxox plans on releasing apps for other operating systems, but did not give an exact timeline.