‘The Walking Dead’
Big things are in store for the characters in “The Walking Dead” Season 8. AMC

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 cast are just like the fans who want whatever will be best for their respective characters.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the upcoming premiere, cast members Lauren Cohan, Austin Amelio, Alanna Masterson, Ross Marquand and more shared what they want to happen to their characters in the show’s 100th episode.

Cohan, who plays the role of Maggie, revealed that she has been spending some time swimming in the sea lately so she wants Maggie to experience a similar thing. On top this, she also wants her character to have a kid and a beautiful life.

Amelio, who plays the role of Dwight, is one with “The Walking Dead” fans who want him to get back together with his wife. “I think that would be a really vulnerable moment for Dwight and it would kind of complete the audience’s fantasy of them coming back together,” he said.

Masterson, who gives life to the character of Tara, wants her character to be able to inspire others to be as strong as she is. Additionally, she also wants Tara to be able to get rid of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his army.

Marquan, who plays the role of Aaron, wants something different for the character. “I want him to find his darkness… There’s a really pivotal thing that happens in the comics and after that, he really goes to this dark place and becomes sort of this kind of berserker mode warrior and that’s what I want for him,” he said.

Kately Nacon, who plays the role of Enid, wants her character to become a leader, just like Tara. Lennie James, who gives life to the character of Morgan, wants him fall in love again.

Meanwhile, “The Walking Dead” Season 8 will see the characters being scattered everywhere. While speaking with Comic Book, executive producer Scott M. Gimple said that this approach will be crucial in setting the tone for next season.

“We knew we were going there, and even there’s aspects of this season that I won’t tell you, but we’re emphasizing because next season, especially the first half of the season, is going to be very, very different,” he said.

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 will premiere on AMC on Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. EDT.